A New Look, a New Website, and Visions of The Wild Goose!


As you can see, a fresh start is happening with Rucksack Revolution. It’s got a new look, it’s got a new website, and it’s definitely on a new learning curve.

That being said, let’s get down to business after taking some time off from blogging due to the Wild Goose Festival and the resulting week after it, in which I slowly digested much of the fascinating spiritual fare that was provided.

Before I give you my take on going to The Goose, allow me to direct you to several excellent resources provided by other folks who were there. There is no way I could give you a definite list of every place you could access articles and info, but here are a few links I found this week:

Here’s a link provided by Steve Knight and Sogo Media TV that has a large (and still growing) collection of videos from the festival…

Here’s an article written by Cathleen Falsani for Sojourners Magazine detailing 10 insights she gained from The Goose…

Here’s another piece from Sojourners, written by Brian Parys, titled “The Free Ticket: Traveling With an Atheist to the 2012 Wild Goose Festival”…

Trust me, there are a whole lot more links to be found on the web about Wild Goose, but these should give you a start on seeking them out.

As for me, I’m going to (much like Cathleen) give you a quick list of 10 things I gained from being at Wild Goose. Hopefully, this list will encourage you to attend next year. The best way to make The Goose better in the future is to see YOU there!

  1. Folks here in Ocala might think I’m a bit wild and crazy when it comes to my faith (and maybe about a few other things as well), but I’m definitely in good company!

  2. Events that involve Faith, Spirituality, Theology, and the like are best held OUTDOORS.

  3. I’m developing a keen interest in Celtic Christianity.

  4. It is possible for all kinds of folks to brave very hot humid weather, camp out together, drink beer, and NOT create hassles.

  5. Christianity ought to be a “purposeful celebration”.

  6. Good theology and practice should always have a really great soundtrack to accompany it.

  7. The Church today is truly a “Church Becoming”.

  8. I discovered hair bands (for your head) and the application of face paint during worship (and got to work on my tan in “church”).

  9. Once again, after several years of experiencing anything from total to relative homogeneity in church, I was in a place of increasing diversity.

  10. Relax, my “conservative” friends…it’s ok to use a group shower with GLBT folks. Really, it’s no big deal. But I’m sure you already knew that.

    Over the next 10 days, I’m going to expand a bit on each of these 10 discoveries and observations. As I do this, please bear with me as I learn my way around the wild world of WordPress.

    Be blessed!

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Author: Rev Gene

Preacher. Poet. Percussionist. Wanderer along The Way...

3 thoughts on “A New Look, a New Website, and Visions of The Wild Goose!

  1. Looking good, Rev. Gene! Lots of Wild Goose articles are pinned here:

    Wild Goose tweets are here:

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